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So many missed opportunities in this documentary to really explore what it means to identify as a 'ginger. or a 'red head. I empathised initially with the documentary maker and felt saddened that he had such a negative experience at school and subsequently such a negative perception of him self. It was sad to see that he attributed all of his difficulties to the fact that he had red hair. br> The documentary maker did not explore experiences of being a red head outside of his own personal experiences. I am a red head, my older brother is a red head. he has always attracted attention from the opposite sex and has never struggled socially. My younger brother however is blonde, he was terribly bullied at school and struggled for many years to feel comfortable in his own skin. My point being that resilience is everything, the issues discussed in this documentary could not be entirely explained by the fact that this person had red hair. There were many red headed interviewed who demonstrated that.
The comments about not dating girls with red hair shone a light on his own prejudice and quite honestly I lost patience when he said he felt sorry for ginger children. The documentary perpetuated negative stereotypes throughout with a realisation at the end that actually 'what a shock' gingers can be attractive. br> I wish the documentary maker well and hope he is better placed if ever he follows up on the documentary to explore more personal accounts from the vast and beautiful population of red heads and hopefully delivers a more representative account of individual experiences.

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3.2/ 5stars